Fetch for your business

Fetch is a circular economy marketplace delivering to and from your business.
Fetch saves time and money, and supports your sustainability targets. On top of all we invest in a unique and personalized customer experience. We guarantee that your customers will receive tailored logistics service that meets their needs and preferences.

How does it work?

We have developed the platform of the future of last mile logistics to optimise routes, connect departure points, and operate in a 2-way way: delivery and pickup.

Customer samples/cases

Fetch is our LastMile e commerce service offering a new level of delivery in urban areas. E-commerce customer loyalty depends largely on the delivery quality making Fetch a necessary partner in doing it right.

New digital logistics business model operating in an open international ecosystem that will forefront low carbonite, circular economy and material efficiency with economically sustainable way.

Our Partners

Reduce environmental footprint with every Fetch

Did you know, that more than a fifth of the distance driven by European cargo trucks in 2021 was “deadhead mileage,” where vehicles traveled empty, often on the return leg of a journey. This means that vehicles travel with no cargo and with a significant financial and environmental cost for shippers and carriers.
With the help of Fetch, you can support reducing this sad statistics.

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We combine circular economy services and logistics to support everyone who orders online, send your items to recycle, reuse or even laundry from your home.

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