Fetch is all about home logistics. We not only deliver a wide range of goods but offer a variety of recycling services. Actually, it's quite simple - we make buying online really easy. And getting rid of your old stuff too. Finally a trustworthy partner who can fetch your stuff!

How we work

Same day delivery in up to 3 hours
One hour time delivery window
Recycling services from customers' locations
Possibility to follow the package in real time
Leave package at the door
Deliveries to over 400 pick-up lockers

Extra services

You can benefit from fetching your stuff with us as we offer a variety of recycling services. You can give away your empty bottles, small electronic devices and batteries.
Let's fetch, recycle and keep the planet green.

Not at home during the delivery time? No problem – now we can leave the package at your door! By selecting this service, you authorize us to leave the shipment without acknowledgment and release Fetch and the sender from all liability, loss and damages arising out of the shipment failure.
Return of used batteries and accumulators for recycling


Where to put the battaries for recycling?
We collect batteries in a small plastic bag (the same bag that you can carry liquids on an aircraft).
What sort of battaries fit for recycling?
Battery collection does not include vehicle batteries, exclusively industrial batteries, or large lithium batteries.
We accept bottles and cans for recycling


What kind of bottles can be returned?
Returned products do not have to have deposit.
How many bottles can I return?
One bag is at the size of any standard 40l bag. One bag fits approximately 15 bottles and/or cans. The amount of containers in the bag is dependant on the size of the containers and may be more or less than 15 containers. If you like to send more than 1 bag, remember to select the right quantity! You can return up to 6 bags at the one pick up.
We recycle small pieces of electronic waste called small SER


What is SER?
The small SER includes small electrical and electronic devices with an outside size of 25 centimeters. This includes lamps, small appliances, power tools, toys, clocks and hairdryers. Batteries, accumulators and solar energy are also considered to be electrical and electronic equipment. You can give up to 4 items at the one pick up.
Sol Laundry Services
We will deliver your laundry to SOL laundry and bring it back! You can send us for example: carpets, home textiles, clothes.
SOL laundry, a professional in its field, takes good care of your valuable products. The delivery time for laundry services is 1 week (every Wednesday).
The delivery time for carpets is 2 weeks (every Wednesday). During transport, the products must be packed in plastic. You must also include your name and phone number.

Cardboard recycling


Cardboard sorting instructions

You can send cardboard packed in paper bags for recycling. We receive the same amount of cardboard as we have delivered other products. However, up to 4 paper bags.

Carton boxes include cardboard boxes, brown cardboard, kraft paper and corrugated board, and brown paper bags. Recycled paperboard does not include wet or soiled paperboard, foil or film board, styrofoam, plastic or liquid packaging. Wet and dirty cartons belong to the energy fraction.

There is no need to remove tapes, hooks or labels from recycled cardboard.



Why Fetch?
From dusk to dawn deliveries
Temperature controlled deliveries
Small parcels and big home appliances and electronics
Follow deliveries in
real time

"Mukava, hymyilevä ammattilainen toi ruuat kerrottuna aikana. Aivan mahtavaa. Kiitos."


"Toimitus ajallaan ja homma toimii ++++++"


"Ihan paras kuski, joka toi tavarat sisälle asti ja rapsutteli koirat vielä lopuksi. Hyvä palvelu????????"


"On time and very friendly courier!"


"Erittäin mukava ja kohtelias nuori mies. 10 pistettä!!!"

Yliopiston apteekki

"Kassi tuli juuri ajallaan niin kuin aiemmin ilmoitettiinkin! :)"

Anton ja Anton

About us

About us

Established in 2015, Enexus Oy is a spinoff company that provides temperature-controlled transportation and specializes in e-commerce logistics. Fetch is our LastMile e-commerce service offering a new level of delivery in urban areas. Our service area has 2.5 million inhabitants and we deliver over 25,000 deliveries per month. E-commerce customer loyalty depends largely on the delivery quality making Fetch a necessary partner in doing it right.

Enexuksen tuki

Enexus has received development funding from European Regional Development Fund

We received funding for our program: Dynamic adapting future's logistic technology solutions. In the program we will develop completely new digital logistics business model operating in an open international ecosystem that will forefront low carbonite, circular economy and material efficiency with economically sustainable way. Programs main goals are better efficient use of nature's resources, applying dynamic route planning, developing circular economy and recycling logistics by furthering energy efficiency and low carbonite. Other goals are creating immaterial services and creating new portals that forefront low carbonite and economical profitability.



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